Main : Hard Drive Recovery

Main : Hard Drive Recovery

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Hard Drive Recovery

Hard drive recovery is an important tool to combat data loss. Many threats to computers could lessen data accessibility. It could be as simple as file deletion. Or, as catastrophic as hard disk failure. Whatever it may be, the necessary for hard drive recovery in both circumstances is foremost.

The number one rule in hard drive recovery is if you accidentally delete files; do not to write anything more to the hard drive. This hard drive recovery rule applies in every circumstance. If you delete a partition, do not create another. Leave it blank instead. If you happen to delete files in the recycle bin which you consider important, do not save anything to the drive. This hard drive recovery suggestion may sound puzzling but the reason for this is that hard drives do not delete anything, whether data or partition. When you delete a file, the data is still in the drive. What happened is that the operating system marks the physical area of the disc as available for future use while leaving the original data there. The computer hides the file so you can no longer get to it. It’s still there until a new data is written over it. So if you save another data to the drive, it will consider files marked ‘deleted’ as empty space and copy over them. If that happens, then the deleted data is in trouble in turn affecting hard drive recovery procedures.

The same rule applies to partition. If there is no partition information, the operating system cannot read any data. But that does not mean that the data is not there. Only, you can’t read it. If you have just one partition and the operating system does not function, the best option is to transfer the drive to another computer.

Transferring the drive to another computer prevents the drive from being accidentally written over and potentially allows you to access the data in turn implement hard drive recovery by using Windows Explorer. If you erased essential operating system files, the drive can still be read from another operating system. If you cannot transfer the hard disk, resist the temptation of re-installing the operating system.

The simplest method to hard drive recovery with single partition with damaged operating system is to boot your computer with DOS boot disk. Then use a DOS compatible file recovery program.

Installing your had drive into another computer or putting a new drive with separate operating system into your current machine will enable you to attempt access to you data through Windows File Explorer. And you can safely try hard drive recovery since you have a completely separate hard drive. Freeware hard drive recovery programs are also available to facilitate the task of hard drive recovery. One can choose from various options.

The hard drive recovery tools suggested above are meant to facilitate hard drive recovery efforts. If all else fails, a hard drive recovery service could be the last option. Hard drive recovery service could be much more expensive but data saved could be worth it.

When Human Beings Take It To The Limit

When Human Beings Take It To The Limit

In life we all have dreams and goals, aspirations to follow a certain path that will lead to social achievements and personal growth. We all hope to fulfill a destiny where we can put all of our efforts into one activity or more that helps the world in one way or another. Recently I went to see a musical group called Taikoz and I believe I was witness to a certain level of human achievement that was simply mind-blowing. These people have obviously trained and practiced so much that they have reached a level of mastery. They have taken the human life experience to the limit.
Taikoz are a multicultural group based in Australia who focuses on the ancient art of Japanese Taiko drumming. One of the group’s members, Riley Lee, also plays a traditional Japanese bamboo flute called a shakuhachi. He is world renown for being the first non-Japanese person to be given the title Grand Master of this sacred Zen Buddhist instrument.
Let me give you an idea about this concert. It was held in a relatively small opera-style, three-tiered theatre and I was fortunate enough to get front-row middle seats. Throughout the evening the handful of drummers played approximately 50 different drums, and play they did! For over two hours they beat out multiple complex rhythms, sometimes whilst dancing, and occasionally intermingled with the most beautifully peaceful flute accompaniment you have ever imagined.
Now, what truly got to me was these people’s physical, mental, and spiritual presence. The drums, some two and a half meters high, hit every single person in the crowd right in the stomach. However, it was the intensity in the drummers’ eyes and muscle-strained bodies that infected the crowd with an electric energy that left everyone feeling like they had run a marathon by the end of the night. Of course all we were really doing was sitting down.
As the group assembled for a song at the front of the stage, kneeling down to play Japanese snare drums that would later take my spirit out of the body and throw it into thundering rain clouds, I saw the many faces of human perfection. Eyes like tigers’, bodies straining like bunches of twitching ropes, sweat dripping in puddles around them; I saw and felt the feeling that one feels when you have taken a certain activity to the limit. Totally entranced, as serious as one could ever be in concentration, yet smiling now and then as the realization of what they were doing, the fun they were having, and the endorphins flowing like the wind through their systems all culminated into one beautiful feeling. I tasted it in the air. I drank it in. I connected to their energies with my own, giving them all my love and appreciation. Most of all, I was inspired.
Seeing people take it ‘to the limit’ can have a profound affect on a person— as you can probably see from the way I am writing this article when recollecting that specific moment in time. Oh, the music was powerful and enchanting and ethereal, but it was the feeling of human effort and achievement that pervaded the air and minds of all those in the crowd that night. I’d have to say, without a hint of doubt, that concert was one of the best, most enlightening experiences of my thirty year lifespan. It gave me the secret, special knowledge that one day it is still possible to make my own dreams come true.
How many of us know that we can become the people we hope to become? How many of us believe that we can work at something and in the end achieve a level of greatness? Our society is currently filled with doubt, fear, skepticism and cynicism. Please don’t despair. We are fortunate that through the observance of others in our human clan, we can still see the potential that each of us has within. Why don’t you become the inspiring source for someone else who is underestimating his or her capabilities? Why don’t you be the next one to take it to the limit?
Check out Taikoz’s website at

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Everything You wanted To Know About Solar Panels

Everything You wanted To Know About Solar Panels

The history of solar panels can be dated back to 1839 as this was the period when French physicist Antoine-Cesar Becquerel made the astonishing discovery of the photovoltaic effect. This surprising discovery took place during an experiment that involved an electrolytic cell made from two metal electrodes and was placed within an electrolyte solution. Antoine-Cesar Becquerel discovered during the experiment that when the electrolytic cells were exposed to light, it produced a certain amount of electricity. The more the light, the more the production of electricity and that is how solar panels actually came into the picture.

Almost 50 years later in 1883, the first solar cell was developed by Charles Fritts and it was formed using selenium coating sheets with a micro-thin layer of gold. Between the period of 1883 and 1941 there were several scientists as well as inventors who with the help of companies started experimenting with solar energy. It was during this period that Clarence Kemp, an inventor from Baltimore patented the first ever commercial water heater that was being powered by solar energy. Apart from this, the great scientist Albert Einstein also published a thesis on photoelectric effect and within a short period of time received the coveted Nobel Prize for his thesis and valuable research.

Around 1941, an American inventor named Russell Ohl who was working for Bell Laboratories patented the first ever silicon solar cell. This new invention was spearheaded by the Bell Laboratories and they went on to produce the first ever crystalline silicon solar panel in the year 1954. This was the most effective solar cells in that era as it achieved a 4 percent return on overall energy conversion. In the next few years several scientists from all over the world continued their research, study and experimentation to improve upon the original solar cells and started producing solar cells that gave 6% efficiency on overall energy conversion.

The first ever large scale deployment and use of solar energy ever recorded was in space satellites. USA was the first country to enable production of solar cells that gave 20% efficiency and this was in the year 1980. By 2000, USA had produced several solar cells that were producing 24% efficiency. Last year, two large companies, Emcore Photovoltaics and Spectrolab rose to dominate the world of solar cell production by producing cells that gave 28% efficiency.

Working of Solar Panels

The solar panel basically consists of pure silicon. Silicon is first stripped of all its impurities and hence provides the most ideal neutral platform for enhancing the transmission of electrons. In its natural state, Silicon can carry at the max four electrons although it has the ability to carry eight. So mathematically speaking it has enough room for 4 more electrons.

When a silicon atom is made to come into contact with a second silicon atom then each of them receive each other’s extra four electrons. So the 8 electrons satisfy a single silicon atoms’ needs and this results in the creations of a strong bond but the fact is that there are no negative or positive charges. To produce a large piece of pure silicon, the silicon atoms have to go through the process of combination for years. Once the pure silicon is ready, it is applied on to the plates of solar panels. When silicon is combined with other elements then it produces a positive or negative charge.

Solar panels are being looked as the provider of tomorrow as the other forms of creating electricity are getting replenished by the day. There are several online sources and websites who are selling solar panels with a power range that varies from 10WP to 280WP.

History of the Stove-top Espresso Maker

History of the Stove-top Espresso Maker

The story of the stove-top espresso maker begins in 1918, when Alfonso Bialetti returned to his native Italy from France, where he had worked in the aluminium industry, to start a small workshop manufacturing metal household goods.
The actual idea for the stove-top espresso maker came from a simple washing machine. During the 1920s Alfonso Bialetti observed the local women of Crusinallo washing their clothes in a sealed boiler with a small central pipe. This pipe would draw up the soapy water from the bottom of the boiler and redistribute it over the laundry. Alfonso Bialetti hit upon the idea that he could adapt this washing machine and scale it down to make a simple coffee maker that would allow Italians to enjoy real ‘espresso type’ coffee in their private homes.
Alfonso Bialetti began tinkering away, building various prototypes. His prototype stove-top espresso makers were manufactured out of aluminium. This was due to there being an embargo imposed by Mussolini’s government on stainless steel. As Italy had a rich source of bauxite (aluminium ore), aluminium became the ‘National Metal’ of Italy.
It was not until 1933, after solving many technical problems, that Alfonso Bialetti invented the world’s first stove-top espresso maker, the Moka Express. The distinctive design and octagonal shape of the Moka Express was based on a silver coffee service, popular at the time in wealthy Italian homes. Alfonso Bialetti claimed of his Moka Express that “without requiring any ability whatsoever” one could enjoy “in casa un espresso come al bar” – ‘an espresso in the home just like in a bar’ (coffeehouse).
Alfonso Bialetti began selling his Moka Express at local, and later regional markets, managing to make and sell around 10,000 units per year. It was not until after WWII, when Alfonso’s son Renato Bialetti joined the family business that sales of the Moka Express really took off. Renato Bialetti realised the potential of the Moka Express and launched a major national advertising campaign. This risk was greatly rewarded, with increased sales; production levels had to be raised to a rate of around 1,000 units per day. The Bialetti Moka Express soon became the market leader in Italy, surpassing sales of the traditional ‘Neapolitan’ percolator style coffeemaker, in which brewing occurs without pressure. Not only did the Moka Express produce ‘espresso type’ coffee, which Italians adored, it also brewed coffee much quicker then its rivals.
Many companies saw the success the Moka Express was enjoying and copied the design to manufacture their own version of the stove-top espresso maker. This is why, in 1953, Renato Bialetti came up with the idea of adding a company mascot to every Moka Express to help promote the brand identity that is Bialetti. He used a caricature of his father Alfonso Bialetti to invent the “Omino Con I Baffi” – ‘Little Man with a Moustache’. This mascot proved popular as it created an image of an Italian father or fond elder relative who had lived his life in the coffeehouse.
The design of the Moka Express has hardly changed in over 70 years of manufacturing. Aluminium is still used to this day, as it is claimed that the residue of coffee from the previous brews that taints the sides of a Moka pot adds flavour and depth to future brews. This is why it is recommended that you do not clean your Moka Express too thoroughly.
Bialetti, now the world leader in the manufacture of domestic coffee makers, still strives to offer “in casa un espresso come al bar”. With the improvement in espresso machines in coffeehouses, Bialetti has sought to develop new technologies, creating new stove-top espresso maker models. They now produce: stainless steel models, such as the Venus; an electric model, the Moka Easy; a new pressure system, the Brikka – which produces a ‘crema’ top on your coffee; and now a stove-top cappuccino maker, the Mukka Express.

Bathroom Glass: Invisible Opportunities.

Bathroom Glass: Invisible Opportunities.

Glass is very ancient material. Now it’s very difficult to invent something new in glass making. Though we can still enhance the strength of the glass and vary the bathroom design.

The main methods of enhancing the strength of glass and its safety are based on the latest production technologies. Today glass is used to produce virtually all products, that’s why glass objects are widely applied in the interiors of living and non-living premises. But mainly it is found in the bathroom interiors: it makes these rooms spacious and airy.

Quite often in the new bathroom design ideas there are lots of design projects where we come across the combination of a bathroom and a bedroom, where the doors are replaced with the glass walls, movable panels or shields made of transparent or matte glass. This bathroom and bedroom combination creates an illusion of one common room which is very important if the bathroom space is not big enough.

Tinted, transparent or matte glass walls, open glass shelves can become an “invisible” zoning element in a large bathroom, where the bath area is rather remote from the wash stand. Even the low decorative walls will make the bathroom interior look heavy, but the glass walls will make it more functional and cozy.

Among a variety of glass types presented in the bathroom design projects (transparent, matte, tinted), a new product – variable-transparency glass appeared recently in the bathroom stores. It does not break, it is absolutely safe and adds an air of some mystery in the bathroom aura: when the lights are on – it is transparent, but it becomes matte when the lights go down. Such glass is widely used in design of the interiors including bathrooms.

New bathroom installation or old bathroom remodeling would give you an opportunity to make the interiors of your bathroom bright and airy. You may use colour (bent, fused, roasted, sintered) glass, it will shine with all the colours of the rainbow under the bathroom halogen waterproof spotlights. This glass is used to produce not only washbasins, bathtubs and bathroom worktops of the bizarre form, but also bathroom glass furniture: it does not overload the area and it does not make even the smallest bathroom look narrow.

Shower cubicles with the glass doors can be both a bathroom accessory and attire of the interiors. Various types of fit-outs and colour glass create additional opportunities to set your interiors apart.

Glass floor in the new bathroom design (a special kind of glass with anti-slip surface is used for it) is a very original idea, it is also comfortable and functional – when the upper lights are off such floor becomes a magic source of light. Besides, there is such a great variety of glass floors. The bathroom floor can be made of color glass with or without highlighting, it can have illuminated elements in the form of still-life of shells, sand and pebble.

When the bathroom has several zones, you can arrange them at different levels. Glass edges of the stairs with illumination can be a perfect decorative component in such large bathroom. Their light combined with the water flows reflecting in the mirrors will create inimitable sense of the magic palace.

Stained glass is a fashionable element of the bathroom interiors now. It can decorate the wall adjoining the hall. Then on turning the lights in the bathroom, you can enjoy the view of the stained glass from the hall and on the contrary: the light in the hall will be enough to take the bathroom in the romantic atmosphere. The translucent ceiling in the bathroom as well as decorative illuminated alcoves will turn the usual ritual of taking bath or shower into a more pleasant procedure, in the aesthetic sense.

The more glass you have in your bathroom, the more attractive it is, with the illusion of mystery and you will unravel it every time you expose your body to the warm sprays of the shower or taking aroma bath.

The exclusive bathroom glass interior is able to work wonders: leaving your bathroom, every time you will feel full of energy you cannot do without.

Why Targeting Your Audience Matters Using Mobile Marketing

Why Targeting Your Audience Matters Using Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a great way for you to get news about your business out to your client list. If done right, it can lead to growing profits for any kind of business. Use these tips and tricks when working with mobile marketing. Read carefully through the following helpful ideas.

Give your customers a taste. Provide your customers with a product sample. Sampling is a powerful marketing tool, getting a first time taste or a use of the product is enough to get many consumers hooked. Set you marketing campaign up so that when the consumer responds that they will receive a text alerting them of when they will receive the item.

Personalize your message as much as possible. Use mobile marketing platforms capable of inserting tokens into your message so you can add the customer’s name into your marketing piece. Personalized messages have a higher response rate than impersonalized ones. Be sure to allow enough characters for the name or your marketing text will be cut off.

Offer discounts or other special offers to customers using geolocation applications to check in at your business. While some applications show check-ins automatically, users can set individual preferences. By offering incentives to check in, your customers are more likely to do so, resulting in increased word of mouth advertising for your business.

Use your message recipient’s real name. People like to feel important and recognized, and adding their real name to any messages you send out will give them those feelings. Making your customer feel like you are personalizing messages to them is a great way to make them feel welcome to your business.

Compatibility is crucial. When starting a mobile marketing campaign it is essential that it will display correctly no matter which device your customer is using. There are loyal users of every mobile platform and focusing on only one device limits your customer base. At the very minimum it should be viewable on the 3 biggest devices: Blackberry, iPhone, and Android.

Get your website mobile friendly! Take a look at your website on a mobile device. Don’t like what you see? Most don’t until you get your site onto a mobile-friendly platform. Look at your content management system to see if it offers a mobile plugin, or talk to a local digital advertising agency to build a solution for you. Either way, it is important to make your site look professional and engaging on mobile devices!

Your mobile ads must be short and sweet or the customer will delete! Customers do not want or have the time to scroll through lengthy messages. Keep your ads as brief and concise as possible to increase the chances of it being read and of customers purchasing your product!

Use the information that you learned from this article to build a successful mobile marketing plan. These tips are going to help you make the most of the efforts that you put in to the marketing for your business. Use them all wisely to help you get the word out about the things going on with your business.

Easy Water Saving During Water Shortage

Easy Water Saving During Water Shortage

Global warming and rising sea levels, yet a water shortage.

As the earth heats up and the ice caps melt, the sea levels start to rise – and what do we have – hose-pipe bans and a situation of “water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink”!

After every long winter, the warm and sunny weather finally arrives – together with hose-pipe bans for many of us. I am lucky to live in an area that has not banned the use of hose-pipes, but because I have a water meter, I am very conscious of how much water I use. I would like to be able to say that my concern is only for the environment, and that does matter to me, but the amount of my bills is a factor that is rather more important at the moment. I already have three water-butts and 2 plastic dustbins for storing rain water, but they do not last very long when you are watering thirsty runner beans. So I have started to save my shower water! Any recycled water is known as “grey water” and can be bath or shower water, washing up water or water from your washing machine. You can use this water in your garden for plants and shrubs, but it is not a good idea to water your fruit and vegetables with this water saving method because of the chemicals used in the various soap products. Also, if you want to save the water from your washing machine, then you need to change to non-bio washing powder or liquid. Washing up water needs to be filtered first – but this can be done by pouring the saved water into a watering can or bucket through an old pair of tights (is there no end to the use of old tights?)

So, my shower water is now collected & saved instead of going straight down the drain. My next door neighbour has been very helpful and put an extension piece onto the pipe that is connected to the outlet from my bath so it now empties into a large container. But he has done it in a way that means I can re-divert back to the drains during the winter. I should add that I live in a bungalow, so this has not been too big a job. The container was given to me and my neighbour had a piece of plumbing pipe in his garage, so there has been no cost involved in saving this water. I am managing to save about 50 litres of water per shower, which is enough to water my shrubs and plants that are not established and whose roots have not yet grown down far enough to obtain enough moisture by themselves. I have never thought it worth watering the lawn, although I realise some people want their grass to be green, not patchy and brown like mine.

If your drains are situated in a place that means you cannot put a container nearby, and you don’t want to carry watering cans through your home, there is a gadget now available from many gardening stores and on the internet. It is called a “drought buster” and is, basically, a length of hose-pipe with a “bulb” near one end and uses atmospheric pressure to draw the water up from the bath and through the hose pipe. A few squeezes of the bulb will start the water flowing and, if the pipe is long enough, you can put the other end out through a window into a container. The hose can be lengthened by using standard hose pipe connectors.

I know you can also purify water with certain plants, so after I’ve watered the garden with the saved water i think I’ll look up my books to see which reeds will clean up the water from my washing machine – then I’ll be able to top up the pond!

Second hand stairlifts

Second hand stairlifts

Buying a second hand stairlift it becoming simpler with the advent of the internet and sites such as eBay.

It is now possible to buy a second hand stairlift relatively cheaply, especially from new home owners who have purchased a house with a pre fitted lift, which they do not require.

Before buying second hand it is worth considering the age and history of the stairlift. Questions to ask may include:

How old is the stairlift?
Can spare parts still be obtained?
Has it been regularly serviced?
Can it be easily re –fitted in your property?

One of the main concerns when buying second hand other than ensuring it is in good working order, is whether the lift can be fitted in your home, and finding someone who can undertake the fit for you. There is no point buying a cheap second hand stairlift if it cannot be fitted. If you have a curved staircase the likelihood of finding a second hand lift is slime, as curved stairlifts are usually tailor made for each staircase. Straight staircase is much simpler and the likelihood of find a second hand lift is much greater, as it usually a matter of adjusting the length of the track.
It is possible to purchase second hand or reconditioned stairlifts from reputable retailers, rather than private individuals. Although buying from a retailer will generally be more expensive you are assured that the lift can be installed professionally and with the possibility of ongoing maintenance and servicing if require.

Data Recovery : Protect Your Data

Data Recovery : Protect Your Data

Computers, like the double-edged sword, carry with it the seeds of good and evil- depending on how you see and use it.

If you’ve been using the computer for a certain amount of time, you probably know by now that there no such thing as safe data where computers are concerned. Whether you are a first-time author, a budding entrepreneur writing the layout of your business plans or an ordinary computer user, experiencing computer failure is no stranger to you. Every now and then, we encounter disruptions in our computer work. Every data we store in the computer is subject to various threats. Due to this, data recovery figures in prominently in our computer lingo. Data recovery may be indispensable but it’s not often necessary.

As a rule, file back ups to the following should be keep to prevent resorting to data recovery.
1. My Documents, My Music and My Pictures folders
2. Saved games
3. Any system settings
4. Drivers
5. Anything else which you don’t have a copy such as applications

Be sure to back up your data to secondary storage medium: disks, tapes, zip, floppy, etc. to ensure hard disk recovery. After back up, it’s necessary to keep your disk in separate locations protected from dust, heat and any other type of contamination that can destroy your back up. If possible, important data should be back up by more than one disk. So no data recovery will be necessary.

If you erroneously deleted important files, data recovery would still be possible. It isn’t necessary to purchase data recovery software yet. Data recovery software is not the option at this time. Files are not immediately erased but stored in a temporary storage area called the Recycle Bin. In cases like this, data recovery is just a matter of point and click. Click on the Recycle Bin, locate and highlight the file to recover then open File and click Restore or drag it to your desired location for data recovery.

Hard disk failure oftentimes causes the operating system (OS) not to boot. Hard disk recovery is similar to any type of recovery but should not be attempted if the problem in the system is not known.

If noises can be heard from your computer, immediately shut it down and unplug it. Data recovery is not possible if mechanical problems are ignored and allowed to cause more havoc to your system. If all else fails, data recovery software or a hard disk recovery service may be your best option.

In this day and age, where everything we do rely on computers it is not sound to disregard potential threats that could damage computers and forced you to attempt data recovery. Data recovery should be the last recourse. But one may not necessarily resort to data recovery if one constantly keeps a back up file.

‘A stitch in time saves nine’ goes the popular saying. It is indeed wise to heed it.

Things To Look For When Buying A Cordless Microphone

Things To Look For When Buying A Cordless Microphone

Wireless microphones have numerous uses, from amateur to professional, from bars and clubs to educational institutions and churches. A good, reliable wireless microphone system can be an excellent addition to any of the mentioned locations, but it can also be used on stage, during a concert, a prize contest, announcing a play or for karaoke. Radio and TV stations often use such cordless microphones with great success. There are several frequency ranges in which you can get a microphone: VHF, UHF and Giga Hertz. Cordless microphones may also take shapes like hand held wireless microphones or clip-on microphones.
Advantages and potential problems of cordless microphones
When looking for a cordless microphone, one of your main concerns has to address the mobility range that the device will offer. Although the absence of a cord gives the person holding the microphone more freedom, this must also translate in the distance you can use the microphone, in relation with the wireless receiver. A good wireless microphone will allow a club DJ, for example, to leave his mixing desk and walk on the dance floor with the mic in hand, without experiencing any signal loss or quality problems. Also look for battery life specifications – it’s better to get a cordless microphone that has a battery level indicator on it, so as to get early warning and not be surprised by a sudden battery failure in the middle of a speech. In fact, batteries used to be one of the biggest disadvantages of older cordless microphones: they were heavy and had a short life. Today, however, you can expect to get dozens of hours of battery life and most wireless hand held microphones are actually lightweight.
A few popular wireless microphone models
VHF performance gear microphones are the least expensive in the line of semi professional and professional microphones. They work well in a wide area, but you cannot expect extreme recording environments to produce high quality results. Such microphones are, however, suitable for 80% of all sound recording situations. Fixed frequency UHF units are another popular choice for many musicians and even for educational institutions. They come with a series of microphone types, such as cardioid, super cardioid or omni directional. Broadcast quality UHF models are usually used in award shows, TV shows and other high-end locations. They offer agile frequency responses and excellent ambient noise cancellation filters.

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