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Has your external hard drive fallen, broken or damaged and lost important data? Here you will read more about External hard drive repair by TCS Computers harde schijf recovery service. Most likely, the read and write head of the hard drive is damaged by the trap. Was the hard disk currently performing a read or write job? Then there is even a chance of damage to the disc disk (platters) of the disc!

Examples of falling and impact damage include:

  • External hard drive has fallen
  • Laptop has fallen or has been bumped hard
  • An attached USB stick is attached

Signs Of Physical Defects Or Damage To Your Computer

Physical damage can be expressed in clicks, scratches or ticking sounds. The cause does not always have to be clear, but the history, for example, a more regular blue screen of death (BSOD) or running a check disk at boot time can indicate damage. Caution is now provided because the further damage is possible. Try not to boot discs with visible damage. Also, do not shake, open and clean the media.

If your hardware or computer shows physical defects or is damaged, do not be reluctant to call TCS Computers harde schijf recovery services in Belgie.

Harddisk Recovery From External Damage

Each hard drive is made up of mechanical and electromagnetic components. Modern hard disks use many types of interfaces (IDE, SATA, e-SATA, SATA, M-SATA (SSD) ZIF, LIF, SAS, SCSI, etc.) and have many different storage capabilities. Brand names include Maxtor, Hitachi, Seagate, Samsung and Western Digital.

Different hard disks have different firmware - which is always unique - on the disc itself, as well as on the ROM that is on the printed circuit board. This firmware, which is installed during production, is very essential for the accessibility and availability of the hard drive. Without properly functioning firmware, the disk will be completely unusable.

Hard Drive Failure Due To Logical Or Physical Error

Failure of hard disks can have logical or physical causes or a combination of both. Logical defects can be caused by computer crashes, human error, virus infection, sabotage, and so on. Physical defects may be due to power failure, broken hardware components, hard disk failure, fire, flooding, rough use, firmware damage, and so on.

Of course, harddisk data recovery is really a specialty. In order to be able to do that well, a considerable amount of knowledge, expertise, and experience are required.

Some Good Tips To Prevent Data Loss:

Laptops and external hard disks have become an important part of our lives at high speed. And thus the chance of losing a large part of our digital life due to a defective hard drives. Windows or Mac, everyone takes their laptop everywhere and rarely deals with it. Nobody seems to realize that the traditional hard disk is a fine mechanical instrument with close tolerances. By way of illustration, the heads float only 5 nanometers across the surface of the very fast-moving hard disk, but may not come into contact. Compared to a Boeing 747 flying less than a meter above the ground and cannot crash. SSDs that do not have moving parts have their own specific problems. Here are some preventative tips to save you from future problems.

Harddisk Data Recovery Belgie

  • Laptops are not as robust as many people think. Be careful about moving the computer and avoid unnecessary bumps and shocks.
  • Use a sturdy, well-lined bag. A backpack or a suitcase is usually not enough.
  • Avoid extreme cold or heat. Always leave the appliance at room temperature before starting it.
  • Take a regular back up. Always make sure you have three copies of important dates, back up on two different storage media or cloud services, and save one copy off-site. But always check that your data has actually been copied.
  • Install an anti-virus program and run it on a regular basis. Also, make sure that this virus scanner is regularly updated. Good anti-virus software scans your system on codes known as computer viruses and removes them. Also beware of spyware, a common problem caused by unsafe browsing on the Internet.
  • Be aware of strange noises. If you hear an unusual noise, turn off your computer immediately and turn on professional help. If you continue to use this disc, the problem will only get worse.
  • Do not use DIY software if you suspect your disk is physically damaged.
  • Use the autosave function. Most software has an auto-save feature that automatically stores your files or projects at pre-set intervals.
  • Check the battery regularly. Use the charger every time you use the computer for extended periods. Some laptops shut down without warning, causing important files to be lost.

TCS Computers Harde Schijf Recovery Belgie

Is your external hard drive severely damaged or, due to the critical nature of the lost data, you would like a data recovery specialist to perform recovery? Don’t hesitate to give us a call for safe and secure TCS Computers data recovery service in Belgie.

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