KEYWORD “Hard Drive Recovery” – 13

KEYWORD “Hard Drive Recovery” – 13



In this era where technology is the norm rather than the exception, data plays a critical role in our lives. That is why one of the pervasive fears that we face today is data loss and the damages that we might incur at the event of such. Thus, having hard drive recovery tools has become an integral step in retrieving and recovering lost data.

Understanding File Systems and How They Work

A file system controls access to your data on a computer. It is one of the methods used by an operating system in data arrangement and free space management on a hard drive. In restarting operating systems, the Master Boot Record (MBR) and partition table locate and pass control to the bootable partition before booting.

In the event of damages to the MBR or partition table, the drive will no longer boot and if the partition information has been erased, it may also appear to be blank.

Not enough emphasis can be placed in having an effective file system to ensure a successful hard drive recovery process.

Things to Remember in Hard Drive Recovery

The one thing to remember in hard drive recovery is that data is never truly lost. If a partition has been deleted by accident, the operating system will read it as blank but this does not mean that it is not there. It only means that the data or partition cannot be accessed by normal means.

To ensure the success of hard drive recovery, the drive may need to be transferred to another computer with the same file system used. This has the dual advantage of preventing the drive from being overwritten and allowing a much quicker hard drive recovery since Windows Explorer may be used to look through file structures.

Hard Drive Recovery Tools

If physically transferring the hard disk is not possible, do not attempt to reinstall your OS. There are several hard drive recovery tools which can reboot your computer and recover your lost files. However, most of these hard drive recovery tools may need a place for data recovered and this simply won’t work if you only have one disk drive. So it is still advisable to contact the nearest hard drive recovery service.

Hard drive recovery services usually include creating an image file or copy of the data you have lost. The copy is what the hard drive recovery experts work on, thus your drive safe and your data intact.