Main : Hard Drive Recovery

Main : Hard Drive Recovery

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Hard Drive Recovery

Hard drive recovery is an important tool to combat data loss. Many threats to computers could lessen data accessibility. It could be as simple as file deletion. Or, as catastrophic as hard disk failure. Whatever it may be, the necessary for hard drive recovery in both circumstances is foremost.

The number one rule in hard drive recovery is if you accidentally delete files; do not to write anything more to the hard drive. This hard drive recovery rule applies in every circumstance. If you delete a partition, do not create another. Leave it blank instead. If you happen to delete files in the recycle bin which you consider important, do not save anything to the drive. This hard drive recovery suggestion may sound puzzling but the reason for this is that hard drives do not delete anything, whether data or partition. When you delete a file, the data is still in the drive. What happened is that the operating system marks the physical area of the disc as available for future use while leaving the original data there. The computer hides the file so you can no longer get to it. It’s still there until a new data is written over it. So if you save another data to the drive, it will consider files marked ‘deleted’ as empty space and copy over them. If that happens, then the deleted data is in trouble in turn affecting hard drive recovery procedures.

The same rule applies to partition. If there is no partition information, the operating system cannot read any data. But that does not mean that the data is not there. Only, you can’t read it. If you have just one partition and the operating system does not function, the best option is to transfer the drive to another computer.

Transferring the drive to another computer prevents the drive from being accidentally written over and potentially allows you to access the data in turn implement hard drive recovery by using Windows Explorer. If you erased essential operating system files, the drive can still be read from another operating system. If you cannot transfer the hard disk, resist the temptation of re-installing the operating system.

The simplest method to hard drive recovery with single partition with damaged operating system is to boot your computer with DOS boot disk. Then use a DOS compatible file recovery program.

Installing your had drive into another computer or putting a new drive with separate operating system into your current machine will enable you to attempt access to you data through Windows File Explorer. And you can safely try hard drive recovery since you have a completely separate hard drive. Freeware hard drive recovery programs are also available to facilitate the task of hard drive recovery. One can choose from various options.

The hard drive recovery tools suggested above are meant to facilitate hard drive recovery efforts. If all else fails, a hard drive recovery service could be the last option. Hard drive recovery service could be much more expensive but data saved could be worth it.