Power4Home – Solar and Wind Energy Solution

Power4Home – Solar and Wind Energy Solution

Different systems for generation of power by wind and solar heat have been available for purchase in the market for many years. There are no problems with the functioning of these systems but they will cost you a fortune and because of this reason alternate energy is not used widely in homes.

Here is where Power4Home is different from other products. With Power4Home you can put together a complete system for less than $200 and start generating your own power from it. This program is designed by John Russell who is an electrician by profession. Using his experience in the electric related industry, he has tried to make a system that would allow you to make your own energy with minimum amount of equipment and investment. He says that with his system he can teach you everything you need to know about generating your own electricity using wind and solar power. There is a 60 Days full money back guarantee if you do not like John Russel’s e-book.

The Power4Home system includes illustrated manuals that are not difficult to follow. There are also video instructions that you can follow. With this system you learn about 2 alternate renewable energy options: a DIY solar panel and a home windmill generator. After learning both you will be in a better position to decide which option is the best for you and is best according to the climate of where you are living. If you live in an area where there is sufficient sunlight then a solar panel is the better option and if your place has the right conditions for wind energy to work then you can go with the windmill option.

Using his experience he tells you about two devices that you can get from your electric company that normally cost 300$ and also gives information about a secret device that can cut your bill by another 40%.

Like other systems that are do it yourself (DIY), Power4Home will require a lot of your time and effort on you part. It’s understood that you have to be good with hand tools and wiring works. If you think you can follow the instructions given by John and build it yourself then fine otherwise you should outsource the work to a professional.

Power4Home is a system that allows you to create and store you own energy. This energy can be used to reduce your power bills. Solar and wind power systems normally cost $3,000 or more and even at that price they pay themselves off within a few years. The Power4Home system allows you to do the same for a fraction of that price.