The Rat Race and Smiling Over Spilt Coffee

The Rat Race as well as Smiling Over Spilt Coffee

As if choreographed and practiced the night previously, one sets witness to the roll of heels, a sea of italian-crafted, waxed, rubbed and guarded from any type of Act of God footwear, tap-tap-tapping down the staircase: the magical beat of the damned.
On cue, all eyes dart to the tunnel, shift to the clock display screen, and also as if disbelieving the reddish numbers flashing on this electronic billboard, increase their wristwatches together, turning their rolex faces on a slant therefore regarding blind minority individuals which challenge to appear somewhere else. In a heave from a huge sigh, worthy from destroying all sound barriers, they look down at their footwear and also see a blemish. Swing their Palm Pilots in one hand, and also managing lifestyle’s occasions with the wand of negative writing, they tape their thoughts:
Buy Financial Daily. Shoeshine. Check out Stocks. Act to appear active. Make 10 opportunities as much cash as those people performing 10 times a lot more job in comparison to me. Examine Stocks. Always remember there is actually a family hanging around at home. Make appearance at table. Most likely to office space. Check out stocks. Kiss X goodnight.
The learn jets in to the terminal, a mug of developer coffee displaces off a hand and also perishes on the system. A couple of grimaces area here and there, but their tough, sound shoes keep their ground. Starched shirts and also suit coat, still as well as defensive. A few hairs swagger misplaced, stroking the air as if it was their very first time breathing oxygen. As quick as these hairs taste their prohibited fruit, the festival cancels:
Put after shoeshine: Examine hair. Gel hair.
As well as I, as I analyze my own hair, dishevelled and also noticeable with split edges, my hand tarnished with the mark off the show 2 nights ago, my t-shirt with the open slit in the shoulder from a misfortunate collision along with a cord hanger, as well as my personal feets, bound in used canvass housings a la Payless, I see them collectively panel the traveler car, everyone’s suit jacket spooning one more suit coat, as anonymously as well as unemotively as achievable.
The conductor turns his scalp. “You happening?”
I stall, seeing the passengers of the learn, looking off in to the proximity, as if daring certainly not to blink, bold not to breathe.
” Hey, you! You coming or not?”
” Absolutely no,” I point out, diving right in to the puddle from spilt coffee. “I’ve obtained other strategies.”